Signatures on Iranian Banknotes


  General Director Minister of Finance
Signature 1 Mohammad Ali Bamdad Abdol Hossein Ebtehaj
Signature 2 Ahmad Razavi Ebrahim Zand
Signature 3 Mhammad Ali Varesteh Ebrahim Zand
Signature 4 Nezam-al-din Emani Ali Asghar Nasser
Signature 5 Nasrullah Jahangir Ali Ashghar Nasser
Signature 6 Mohammad Reza Vishkai Ebrahim Kashani
Signature 7 Ibrahim Kashani Abdolbagi Shoali
Signature 8 Dr. Ali Ashghar Pouhomayoun Abdul Hossein Behnia
Signature 9 Dr. Mehdi Samii Abdul Hossein Behnia
Signature 10 Dr. Mehdi Samii Amir Abbas Hoveyda
Signature 11 Dr. Mehdi Samii Dr. Jamshid Amuzegar
  Dr. Mehdi Samii was the General Director twice (from 1963 to 1968 and then from 1970 to 1971).
To differentiate the periods where the different signatures were used, the signatures are referred to as '11a'
(1963 to 1968) and '11b' (1970 to 1971) in the chart of notes. Signatue No.12 falls between Nos.11a and 11b.
Signature 12 Khodadad Farmanfarmaian Dr. Jamshid Amuzegar
Signature 13 Abdul Ali Jahanshahi Dr. Jamshid Amuzegar
Signature 14 Dr. Mohammed Yeganeh Dr. Jamshid Amuzegar
Signature 15 Dr. Mohammed Yeganeh Hushang Ansary
Signature 16 Hassan Ali Mehran Hushang Ansary
Signature 17 Hassan Ali Mehran Dr. Mohammed Yeganeh
Signature 18 Yousef Khoshkish Dr. Mohammed Yeganeh
Signature 19 Dr Mohammed Ali Mowlavi Ali Ardalan
Signature 20 Ali Reza Nobari Bani Sadr
Signature 21 Dr. Moshen Nourbakhsh Namazi
Signature 22 Dr. Moshen Nourbakhsh Iravani
Signature 23 Ghasemi Iravani
Signature 24 Ghasemi Dr. Moshen Nourbakhsh
Signature 25 Adeli Dr. Moshen Nourbakhsh
Signature 26 Adeli Mohammed Khan
Signature 27 Dr. Moshen Nourbakhsh Mohammed Khan
Signature 28 Dr. Moshen Nourbakhsh Namazi
Signature 29 Dr. Moshen Nourbakhsh Mazeheri
Signature 30 Ebrahim Sheibani Mazeheri
Signature 31 Ebrahim Sheibani Safdar Hosseini (Small)
Signature 32 Ebrahim Sheibani Safdar Hosseini (Large)
Signature 33 Ebrahim Sheibani Danesh Jafari
Signature 34 Mazaheri Danesh Jafari
Signature 35 Mazaheri Hosseini
Signature 36 Bahmani Hosseini


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