Signatures on the Banknotes of Sudan

  Members of the Sudan Government
Signature A Hammad Tewfik
(Minister of Finance and Economics)
Ismail al Azhari
(Prime Minister)
  Members of the Sudan Currency Board
Signature B Ibrahim Osman Ishag
(Board Member)
Mahmoun Beheiry
(Chairman of the Board)
Signature 1 Mahmoun Beheiry
Signature 2 El Sid El Fil
Signature 3 Abdel Rahim Mirghani
  Chairman of the Board of Directors
Signature 4 Awad Abdel Magid
Signature 5 Ibrahim Mohamed A. Nimir
Signature 6 Hassan Belail
Signature 7 Farouk al Magboul
  Deputy Governor
Signature 8a Mahdi El Faki
(large signature)
Signature 9 Ismail El-Misbah Mekki Hamad
Signature 8b Mahdi El Faki
(small signature)
Signature 10 Sid Ahmed al Sheikh
Signature 11 Sabir Mohamed Hassan
(Served two terms. Second tenure
is after Abdullah Hassan Ahmed.)
Signature 12 Abdullah Hassan Ahmed

Signatures on Southern Sudan Banknotes

(This signature variety is for the issue during the civil war with Sudan, not the issues post independence.)

Signature 1 Kuol Manyang
Arthur Akuein Chol
(Secretary of Finance)

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