The Bank Notes of Bangladesh – The First Ten Years

Figure 15

Figure 15 – The Star Mosque in Dhaka, also known as the ‘Sitara Mosque’ and the ‘Mosque of Mirza Ghulam Pir’; this small mosque is located in Dhaka and is one of the more popular tourist attractions of that city. Originally an eighteenth century building of the Mughal style, the mosque was renovated about sixty years ago through the patronage of a local businessman. The main structural change to the mosque was the addition of a veranda on the eastern side of the building and the removal of the four corner towers. The building was then decorated in tiles and glass mosaics, which was a popular method of decoration in Bangladesh at that time. The building differs from many other mosques in Bangladesh by its distinctive low appearance. The name ‘Star Mosque’ is derived from the decorations of stars which cover the domes and walls of the exterior of the building.

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