The Bank Notes of Bangladesh – The First Ten Years

Figure 29

Figure 29 – Lying on the northern side of a pool that was once part of the Buriganga River in Dhaka, the Sat Gambuj (or Satgumbad) Mosque was built in the late seventeenth century. The mosque is laid out in the shape of a rectangle with three domes along the roof of the mosque, while at each corner of the mosque are domed towers—making seven domes in total and giving the origin of the mosque’s name, as Sat Gambuj means ‘seven domed’. Built in the style of many other tombs of the period that were built by Governor Shaista Khan, it is believed he was responsible for building this mosque. Approximately one hundred yards to the north-east of the mosque are the ruins of two brick tombs, which are believed to be those of two daughters of Shaista Khan.

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