The Bank Notes of Bangladesh – The First Ten Years

Figure 30

Figure 30 – The front and back of the 20-taka note, first introduced in the fifth series of Bangladesh’s bank notes. The Chota Sona mosque is illustrated on the front of the note. Located in the ancient capital of Gaur, the Chota Sona mosque was built by a noble named Wali Muhammad during the reign of Husain Shah (1493-1519), and was originally known as ‘Majlis al-Majlis Majlisi Mansur’. It is now known as the Chota Sona Mosque, or the Little Golden Mosque, with this name being derived from the fact that the domes on the mosque were once gilded. Built from carved stone, the mosque is notable for the marvellously decorated black basalt, which imitates motifs of brick relief, and it is regarded as one of the finest surviving monuments of the pre-Mughal period.

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