The Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II

Portrait 3

Adapted from a classic Dorothy Wilding photograph, this is one of only a few portraits of The Queen to show her facing left. Her Majesty is wearing Queen Mary's 'Girls of Great Britain and Ireland' Tiara, which was given to the future Queen Mary as a wedding gift in 1893. The funds for the purchase of the tiara were raised by a committee formed by Lady Eve Greville. The tiara was purchased from Garrard, the London jeweller.

Date of Original Portrait: 1952
Photographer: Dorothy Wilding
Portrait 3a
This portrait, used on the Ceylonese notes and prepared by Bradbury Wilkinson, has a distinct parting of the Her Majesty's hair. In depicting her lips there is a slight distortion, which exaggerates her mouth (particularly when compared to Portrait 3b).
Use of this Portrait:
  • Ceylon -- Nos. 49 to 53
Portrait 3b
This image of Her Majesty by Thomas De La Rue is more pleasing to the eye than the Bradbury Wilkinson engraving. A less distinct parting of the hair, a better depiction of her lips, and adjustments to shading all improve the appearance of Queen Elizabeth.
Use of this Portrait:
  • Jamaica -- Nos. 49 to 52

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