The Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II

Portrait 4

While this portrait has several varieties, each variety is copied from a photograph taken by Dorothy Wilding during a single portrait sitting shortly after Elizabeth became monarch. This portrait, in one of its varieties, is the most frequently used image of Queen Elizabeth on world banknotes. The Queen is wearing the George IV State Diadem, created for the coronation of George IV in 1820. Designed with symbols of the rose, thistle and shamrock, the Diadem contains 1,333 diamonds. Queen Elizabeth often wears the Diadem on state occasions. The necklace worn by The Queen, of diamond flowers and leaves, was a wedding present from Nizam of Hyderabad and Berar.

Date of Original Portrait: 1952
Photographer: Dorothy Wilding
Portrait 4a
The most common variety of this Portrait is the engraving prepared for the notes printed by Bradbury Wilkinson and Company. This variety of the portrait is distinguished by the heavy shading on Her Majesty's right cheek and the tilt of the head.
Use of this Portrait:
  • Bermuda -- Nos. 20 to 22.
  • Hong Kong -- No. 324A and 325 to 327.
  • British Honduras -- Nos. 28 to 32.
  • British Caribbean Territories -- Nos. 7 to 12.
  • Mauritius -- Nos. 27 to 29A.
  • Southern Rhodesia -- Nos. 12 to 18.
  • Cyprus -- Nos. 33 to 36.
  • Rhodesia and Nyasaland -- Nos. 20 to 23.
  • Fiji -- Nos. 51 to 57.
  • Belize -- Nos. 33 to 37.
Portrait 4b
The second variety of this portrait, which appears on the notes of The Bahamas and Malta, was designed by Thomas De La Rue. It has less shading on the right cheek and The Queen's head does not have the tilt apparent in the Bradbury Wilkinson portrait.
Use of this Portrait:
  • Bahamas -- Nos. 13 to 16.
  • Malta -- Nos. 27 to 29A
Portrait 4c
The portrait on the issues of Malaysia and North Borneo, prepared by Waterlow and Sons, provides a third variety of the Portrait. Similar to the Bradbury Wilkinson portrait, this engraving has cleaner lines and the tilt of the head is less distinct.
Use of this Portrait:
  • Malaya and North Borneo -- Nos. 1 to 7 and 9.
Portrait 4d
This engraving, used only on the notes of the East African Currency Board, is distinct because of the depiction of the eyes of Her Majesty. Appearing slightly more closed than on the other varieties of this portrait, Her eyes seem to be fixed on an object in the distance. This engraving was prepared by Thomas De La Rue.
Use of this Portrait:
  • East African Currency Board -- Nos. 33 to 36.
[Image not available.] Portrait 4e
Prepared by Harrisons, the English security printer, this portrait was prepared for use on an essay for an issue of Zambian notes. The Zambian notes were not manufactured and the portrait was never used on an issued note.
Use of this Portrait:
  • Zambia -- No. A1

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