The Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II

Portrait 8

This is one of the few portraits of The Queen looking to her left. Although not widely used, it is regarded as one of the more flattering portraits of Her Majesty. The Queen is wearing the George IV State Diadem and the necklace that was a wedding gift from the Nizam of Hyderabad and Berar.

Date of Original Portrait: 1954
Photographer: Dorothy Wilding
Portrait 8a
This portrait shows Her Majesty with bare shoulders and deep neckline on the notes of Jamaica and The Bahamas, but on the notes of the East African Currency Board her shoulders and neckline are not apparent. The notes of Jamaica and The Bahamas depict Her Majesty in her most feminine aspect. In these portraits she is woman first and Queen second. However, the beauty of Her Majesty in these images has been enhanced by the engraver. The original portrait, while very flattering, represents Her Majesty in a more regal aspect and with, perhaps, less distinct facial features.
Use of this Portrait:
  • East African Currency Board -- Nos. 37 to 49.
  • Jamaica -- No. 48.
  • Bahamas -- Nos. 17 to 41.
Portrait 8b
This portrait was used on The Royal Bank of Scotland's five-pound note, issued to commemorate Her Majesty's Golden Jubilee in 2002. The adaptation of the image on the commemorative note is not as pleasing as the image on the earlier notes and the later engraving could be mistaken as being copied from a completely different portrait. It is certainly a very different variety of the portrait.
Use of this Portrait:
  • Royal Bank of Scotland -- Commemorative 5-pound note.

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