The Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II

Portrait 15

The portraits in this group are official portraits taken by Anthony Buckley. The sitting that produced the photographs on which these engravings are based also produced a number of similar portraits that were used on postage stamps. In this portrait The Queen is wearing Queen Victoria's Collet Necklace and Earrings. (While this necklace is depicted in Portrait 10, the matching earrings are not used for that portrait.) The drops of the earrings are stones taken from the Timur Ruby Necklace, owned by The Queen. Also apparent in the portrait, is a blue sash to which are attached the two Royal Family Orders given to Her Majesty. The first Royal Family Order was introduced by King George IV and Family Orders have been issued by each of his successors. The Orders are worn by female members of the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth wears the Royal Family Order of her father, King George VI, above the Order of her grandfather, George V. In this portrait, the Royal Family Order of King George V has been truncated.

Date of Original Portrait: Circa 1966
Photographer: Anthony Buckley
Portrait 15a
The first version of this portrait can be distinguished by the angle of Her Majesty's head, which is squarely set. This portrait was initially used by Bradbury Wilkinson, but later used by De La Rue when they took over the preparation of the notes.
Use of this Portrait:
  • Isle of Man -- Nos. 28 to 38 and 40 to 43.
  • Saint Helena -- Nos. 5 to 10.
Portrait 15b
This portrait on the Fijian notes shows Her Majesty's head at a slightly different angle to the images used on the issues by the Isle of Man and St. Helena. The difference, not always distinct, can be seen in the slight change of angle of Her Majesty's head. The notes on which this image is used were prepared by Bradbury Wilkinson.
Use of this Portrait:
  • Fiji -- Nos. 78 to 87.
Portrait 15c
This variation of the portrait appears on modified Fijian notes prepared by De La Rue. This portrait is distinct from the other varieties of this portrait in that Her Majesty is looking straight ahead.
Use of this Portrait:
  • Fiji -- Nos. 68 to 77.

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