The Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II

Portrait 24

Date of Original Portrait: Circa 2001.
Photographer: Unknown
(Anyone who can identify the original portrait from which this engraving is adapted should contact pjsymes.)
This is one of two portraits of Her Majesty to appear on the back of The Royal Bank of Scotland’s 5-pound note, which commemorates The Queen’s Golden Jubilee. She is depicted in a casual, happy mood. The images of Her Majesty on the back of the 5-pound commemorative note are the only images of Her Majesty to appear on the back of a banknote. It is understood that this image of The Queen is not based on one particular portrait, rather the artist combined elements from a number of pictures of Her Majesty to produce the final result.
Use of this Portrait:
  • Royal Bank of Scotland -- Commemorative 5-pound note.

© Peter Symes 2003