The Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II

Portrait 24

Date of Original Portrait: Circa 2001.
Photographer: Unknown
Believed to have been taken at a polo match where Prince Charles kissed his mother's hand. (Date unknown.)
Engraver: Stephen Matthews of De La Rue
This is one of two portraits of Her Majesty to appear on the back of The Royal Bank of Scotland’s 5-pound note, which commemorates The Queen’s Golden Jubilee. She is depicted in a casual, happy mood. The images of Her Majesty on the back of the 5-pound commemorative note were the first images of Her Majesty to appear on the back of a banknote. (Further images of Her Majesty appeared on the back of the Royal Bank of Scotland's 10-pound note celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth; see portrait 28.)
Use of this Portrait:
  • Royal Bank of Scotland -- Commemorative 5-pound note.

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