The Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II

Portrait 25

Date of Original Portrait: 2000
Photographer: Unknown (The portrait was commissioned by Buckingham Palace.)

© Bank of Canada/Banque du Canada
The photograph, from which this engraving is executed, was commissioned by the Queen's representatives at Buckingham Palace. The photograph was specifically requested by the Bank of Canada for the production of its 20-dollar note introduced in September 2004. The engraving on the banknote was prepared by Mr. Jorge Peral, Artistic Director for the Canadian Bank Note Company. The creative design for the twenty-dollar note, on which the portrait appears, was led by the Canadian Bank Note Company in co-operation with BA International. Both companies have printed notes for the Bank of Canada since its inception in 1935.
This is one of the more attractive portraits of the mature Queen and its rendition on the 20-dollar note maintains the Bank of Canada's reputation of using the better portraits of Queen Elizabeth. For this portrait, Her Majesty is informally attired in a plain dress and wearing one of her favoured pearl necklaces. (The Queen has three different three-row pearl necklaces. One was made at the time of her accession from pearls in the possession of her family, one is a present from the Amir of Qatar on the occasion of her coronation in 1953 and the third is a gift from King George V, presented to Elizabeth at the time of the King's Silver Jubilee.)
Use of this Portrait:
  • Bank of Canada -- 20-dollar note (issued in September 2004).

© Peter Symes 2004