The Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II

Portrait 27

Date of Original Sculpture: 1966
Sculptor: Arnold Machin
In 1964 Arnold Machin was chosen to design a portrait of her Majesty, to be used on British decimal coins. The effigy was completed in 1966 and subsequently appeared on coins of Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. A similar design was used on Great Britain's definitive postage stamps for many years; a series which became known as the 'Machin definitives'.
The Machin portrait had never been used on a banknote until Bermuda issued their new series of banknotes in 2009. The series is designed in vertical format and the Machin portrait of Queen Elizabeth appears as a small image at the bottom left on each denomination. The image was re-worked by the designers at De La Rue to suit the banknote, with the lines of the engraving being opened up.
Use of this Portrait:
  • Bermuda (used on all notes of the series issued in 2009).

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