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The Bank Notes of Yemen

(Peter Symes, Murray Hanewich and Keith Street. 150 pages, B&W illustrations. US$35.00; price includes postage)

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View some of the bank notes. (This page contains eight pictures, being the front and back of four Yemeni bank notes.) Download a sample of the book. (This sample is a PDF file, containing pages 40 to 44 of the book. The size of the file is 132KB.)

Written by Peter Symes, Murray Hanewich and Keith Street, The Bank Notes of Yemen covers the bank notes issued in North Yemen, South Yemen and unified Yemen. Detailing the issues of the Yemen Currency Board, the Central Bank of Yemen, the South Arabian Currency Authority and the Bank of Yemen, the book is over 150 pages in length and has over 80 black-and-white illustrations of the fronts and backs of all bank note types. There are also 24 photographs and a number of line drawings.

Each series of bank notes released by the four issuing authorities is dealt with separately and, as well as providing a detailed description of each bank note type, the history of the issues and the issuing authorities is provided. The detailed description of each bank note type identifies features specific to the types and any varieties that occur for each type. In detailing each bank note type and variety, variations in watermarks, signatures and the different uses of fluorescent inks are identified. Accompanying each detailed description is:

The subjects of the illustrations that appear on the bank notes are identified and described, and reproduced in the book are a number of the original photographs used by the bank note designers to illustrate the bank notes. There are sections in the book which detail the watermarks, signatures and serial number sequences which are to be found on the bank notes. The serial number prefixes for most bank note issues use letters of the Arabic alphabet, however these letters are not selected in alphabetical order. The method by which the letters are ordered is described in this work. Also included is a quick reference chart and a price guide.

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